Alternatives to Lofi Girl that just slap

alternatives to lofi girl that just slap

Looking for an alternative to Lofi Girl? Maybe you’re looking for something new to study/relax to, or perhaps their live stream or channel has been taken down again?

Below you’ll find a handful of fantastic alternatives to Lofi Girl’s lofi radio to study/relax to that just slap, whether you’re looking for a similar laid-back and mellow vibe, or maybe you’re in the mood for something a bit more jazzy and upbeat, there’s definitely something here that’ll quench that thirst for lofi beats.

coffee shop radio // 24/7 lofi hip-hop beats by STEEZYASFUCK

Featuring a slightly jazzier mix of beats, STEEZYASFUCK is always a go-to for me. Although it’s not quite the safe vanilla selection of music Lofi Girl has to offer, it’s still pretty laid back and just a straight-up vibe.

lofi hip hop radio – sad & sleepy beats 😴 by thebootlegboy

You can always rely on thebootlegboy for some great mixes which they post regularly on both their main channel and their second channel thebootlegboy2. This live stream is a little more in line with what you’d expect from Lofi Girl, curated specifically for something a little more relaxing and slightly melancholic.

24/7 Beats Instrumental Hip-Hop – Jazzhop, Lo-Fi, Chillhop, Boom Bap // Beats Only by Sphere of Hip-Hop

A long-time player in the scene is Sphere of Hip-Hop who has a collection of playlists that span the entirety of the instrumental hip-hop spectrum. So we’re stoked to see that they’ve launched their own livestream featuring a mix of more dusty beats from Jazzhop to Chillhop and everything in between.

late night study lofi by Homework Radio

Homework Radio, named after the exact reason you’d want to listen to this live stream, is a fantastic stream to throw on in the background while you do your homework last minute before school the next day.

lofi hiphop radio | mellow/chill/study beats by College Music

Switching back to the jazzier side of things is College Music with their lofi hiphop radio. If you’re tired of all the laid-back beats, then give this radio a whirl with its mix of upbeat bumps, jazzy beats, and overall chill vibes.

Chillhop Radio – jazzy & lofi hip hop beats 🐾 by Chillhop Music

Arguably one of the biggest contenders to Lofi Girl is Chillhop Music and if you’re yet to discover this label, then you’re definitely in for a treat. This radio is definitely a mixed bag of upbeat chillhop and mellow lofi featuring some of the bigger artists in the scene such as Stan Forebee, L’indécis, Philanthrope, Birocratic and more.


Hopefully, there’s something here that’ll satisfy that craving for lofi chillhop beats to study and relax to. Of course, if live streams aren’t your thing there are plenty of lofi playlists to check out, too!

If you have any suggestions of other live streams that are good alternatives, let me know in the comments below!