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30 Minute Lofi

30 Minute Lofi is a specifically curated playlist of lofi hip-hop & chillhop tracks that runs for exactly 30 minutes. Perfect for timing cooking, yoga, study, or drifting off to sleep.

60 Minute Lofi

Much like the above 30 Minute Lofi playlist, 60 Minute Lofi is a playlist curated to run exactly 60 minutes, perfect for longer study sessions, timing activities, meditation, and more.

upbeat lofi

It’s all in the name. upbeat lofi vibes is a lofi hip-hop playlist channelling those mid-Summer vibes. Lay back, relax, and feel the sun beaming down on your face.

lofi to eat cake to

It’s a stupid name, but it caught your attention, right? lofi to eat cake to is a lofi hip-hop & chillhop playlist featuring a wide variety of music from within the genre, such as boom bap, jazz hop, instrumental hip-hop, vocal lofi, and more.

sad lofi to feel your feels to

Get prepared to cry. sad lofi to feel your feels to features chillhop and lofi hip-hop tracks with real sad vibes. It’s perfect break-up music.

Vocal Lofi

Lofi beats and vocals are a match made in heaven but hardly get any love. This playlist features lofi rap, lofi singing, lofi bars, everything you love about lo-fi hip-hop but with singing/rapping!

lofi daydreams

Get lost in your own head with lofi daydreams, a playlist full of deliciously dreamy lo-fi instrumentals that’ll have you zoning out when you probably should be paying attention.

weekday work study beats

It’s time to get productive with Weekday Work & Study Beats. Whether you’re preparing for a big meeting or presentation, or cramming for upcoming exams, this playlist is the perfect accompanyment.

beats for sleeps

If you’re looking for some downtempo chill beats to while away the evening as you doze off to sleep, look no further. Beats for Sleeps features gentle lo-fi beats for you to put on while you sleep.

Weekend Electro Chill

While it’s not as lo-fi hip-hop as the other playlists, it’s definitely chill. Weekend Electro Chill features a bunch of mellow chillwave, downtempo, deep house, and then some…