Top Chillhop & lo-fi Spotify Playlists 2022

Top Chillhop & lo-fi Spotify Playlists 2022

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of lofi hip-hop and chillhop Spotify playlists themed around almost every aspect of your everyday life, whether it’s sleepy lofi, chillhop for study, upbeat jazzhop, and more. You can easily get lost in a sea of sleepy study-focused lofi playlists so I thought I’d make things a little easier and highlight some of my top chillhop Spotify playlists for whatever you’re into.


If there’s one label that’s really pushing into new territories it’s Tsunami Sounds who have recently been pushing some insane talent out of Japan. As someone who frequents a lot of the Japanese math-rock & indie-rock playlists, this is right up my alley. They’re doing such a decent job that they’ve become the curator of the distributor DashGo’s Lofi Japan playlist on Apple Music.

upbeat lofi vibes

Of course, I’ve got to plug my own playlist. I’ve personally started to drift more toward the upbeat old-school vibes that chillhop & lo-fi hip-hop can bring, and this playlist includes a whole bunch of absolute head-bobbing vibes.

Lush Vibes

Although this might look like Spotify’s Lush Lofi editorial, it’s not… well, it is, but it’s a version of the playlist from wayyyyy back (2017 to be exact) and it’s definitely a different vibe from the “Lush Lofi” playlist we hear today.

Lofi Jazz 🎷

I’m definitely on more of an old-school kick right now. Classic sampled beats, dusty vibes, and some real smooth instrumentals. Hop Dozer definitely has some talent on their roster, and it shows in this flagship playlist of theirs.


I can’t really talk about lofi without including one of the biggest supporters of the genre, Lofi Vibe. If you’re looking for some really eclectic independent lofi, this playlist is for you as it’s curated with the community in mind.

quiet lofi // sleepy lofi beats

While I’ve personally drifted away from sleepy lo-fi, I’m acutely aware that people throw on playlists like this to provide some sort of soothing noise to help them drift off. Of all the sleepy playlists, this is one of the better choices.

Lofi Sleep Sounds

While most of the above playlists have been tied to labels or big players within the community, Lofi Sleep Sounds is a playlist that I’ve always enjoyed when trying to wind down and it’s curated by someone who just enjoys the music rather than creates it. It’s definitely one to check out.

Sad & Sleepy Beats

thebootlegboy has always been at the top of my list of playlist I’d love to get on, the reason for this isn’t necessarily that it’s a massive playlist, but its curator tends to swing towards more unique tracks within the genre. While it’s good for chilling out, the playlist below is always full of surprising talent.

Acid Jazz

While not strictly lo-fi or even chillhop for that matter, Spotify’s Acid Jazz editorial actually has some real old-school instrumental (and not) hip-hop bangers that blend beats with jazz. Just like lofi, but it’s not lofi. Either way, it’s a playlist I’ve been bumping for a while now and I dig it and think you will too.

I’d definitely love to know what your thoughts are on any of the above playlists, or if you have any suggestions of lofi hip-hop or chillhop Spotify playlists that should make the cut as I’ll be regularly updating this list!

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