Press Kit


lazyboyloops, also known as Aaron Richardson, a musician-turned producer/beatmaker from the UK with a penchant for colourful hair. From his home office/studio Aaron creates chill, upbeat lofi hip-hop and chillhop with heavy jazz influences. His eclectic taste in music and his real passion for it reflects in the diversity of his discography.

He began making music back in 2002 when he picked up the bass guitar. Since then he’s been a part of many bands and began dabbling in music production back in 2008.

lazyboyloops’ journey began in 2019 when he released his first single Nonsense, followed by The Pour Over EP, and the full-length release, Lonely Morning. Since then he’s achieved many milestones, including surpassing 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify in 2021.

Fun facts

  • Born in the late 80s
  • Primarily plays bass
  • Fully self-taught musician
  • Based in Derby, UK

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